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Planet has worked with customers for a number of years occasionally requesting animation. This area is now part of the service, and although limited, the focus has been on simple and cost effective short animations, typically for presentation and additions like gif’s. In more recent years, full animation shorts have also been produce. Regrettably due to internation brand restrictions, planet is unable to showcase many of them.

Currently we have 3 examples of animation, but there’s more on this website. Click on the thumbnails to see the animation. And feel free to call for more information.
Click on the thumbnails for more

Assembly animation is perfect to show how to assemble / build, and in this case a bench / table. Combining animation and voice instruction has added a new dimension to what has long been a chore to many when building furniture or when a new product is unpacked. I hope this will aid customers and encourage correct assembly.
Rotating globe was commissioned and used for a multi national organisation and showcased in part at a North American conference in early 2019. Using 3d modelling and other production skills to produce a simple, but complex animation. (if that makes sense)
The third example is an example utilising 3d modelling animation and motion graphics to create an informative short technical animation. Call Adrian if you think you need help.

Freelance animation service commissioned by local and international customers. Read reviews to hear what past customers think of the service provided by Adrian Cartwright owner of planet illustration. Author: Adrian Cartwright

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