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Read the FAQ’s below, as this will help you prepare.

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Below are 10 brief guides to commissioning illustration.
If you follow the link here, you can learn more about commissioning an illustrator in detail.
"how to commission an illustrator" helping customers to commission illustration.

5 frequently asked questions from customers:

Can you do this sort of illustration…?
Answer is normally YES! Take a look at the folio for a wide range of illustration styles and techniques.

How much will it cost…?
Answer is dependant on the time it takes to produce the illustration and additional expenses like materials, travel, research.

When can I have it…?
Answer will depend on schedule at the time, but typically projects are completed within a week or two. Call Adrian for info on timings.

What if I don’t like it or it’s wrong…?
Answer is that we safeguard the customer and ourselves by making sure the customer is clear about what to expect. This is done in stages, where sketches or visuals indicating the composition and style are supplied. And only on approval of the stages will the next stage commence.

We’re reasonable and know from 25 years in the illustration business that few things are perfect first go, and slight adjustments and corrections are all part of the cost quoted. Our aim is to have a happy customer that will return next time they need an illustration.

Copyright, who owns it…?
Answer is quite straight forward and standard in the UK, USA and internationally. By commissioning the illustration the customer has the sole exclusive right to use the illustration for the purpose it was commissioned for, and is in essence the owner. Copyright always belongs to the originator. This arrangement allows both parties to claim any compensation if the artwork is used elsewhere without their permission. Links to copyright law. Berne Convention, UK Copyright, Wikipedia


5 Frequently asked questions from illustrators:

How can I help you...?
Sometimes, it's just some advice that's needed or a customer requires some help guiding them how to get the best results with illustration. Call for an informal chat.

Tell me about you…?
Tell the illustrator about you, the customer, to understand your needs and contact details, and often information will need to be collected for feedback.

What do you want illustrating…?
It’s important that the customer knows what they want, or has an idea of style and finer details about the illustration needed. This is sometimes supplied using plans, photographs or a similar illustration found on the internet for instance. Read How to commission an illustrator.

Sometimes Customers don't know what they want, so it's better to explain their problem and the reason for contacting planet illustration. Then we can draw on our expert knowledge and advise them on a solution that will help them get the best result.

Why do you need it…?
This is a good question, and we always ask this one… it helps to focus on the use of the illustration and how to make a better informed choice of style, complexity and other key points that make the illustration work, and not simply look pretty.

When do you need it…?
As the saying goes… "All good things come to those who wait”. Before commission a deadline is agreed. Providing the customer doesn’t change the brief and upholds their part of supplying information in good time. The artwork is supplied on time if not sooner.
Feel free to call Adrian if you need help. Call Adrian


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