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Adrian Cartwright Cornwall

Views and opinions of freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright’s life and profession following his extensive experience as a full time professional illustrator, his family life and anything useful to share with likeminded people.

Welcome to planet's blog library with current blogs and blog history.

Working from home
Working from home

How to work from home... Drawing from 30 years experience from a freelance illustrator.


D2N2 tips on content management
Tips on Content management

The final take on the D2N2 Conference, looking at Content management. Learn about content management from the D2N2 conference 19.


D2N2 paid Advertising
Paid Advertising

Adrian's take on social media and why he's going back to advertising. A look at google AdWords if only breif, but food for thought.


D2N2 tips for SEO
SEO tips

Tips about SEO from experts at the D2N2 conference 19
A look at some helpful tips on SEO.


D2N2 AR & VR
AR & VR - What's the difference?

D2N2 19 conference 2019 Adrian looks at the difference between AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).


Blog about TYR Tracer swimming goggles
Something random

Adrian is a keen swimmer, and has recently reviewed the TYR Tracer
A regular swimmer for the last 10 years, read Adrian's take on finding the right swimming goggles.


Blog about using iPad for work
Can I really use iPad for WORK?

Do you wish you could make more use of your tablet ?  Here's how...
A general, but helpful guide to adjusting your methods to work on a tablet.


Haynes Manual example
Haynes Manual Creator...

John Harold Haynes passes away aged 80, we look at the influence...
Find out more about how Adrian was inspired to study technical illustration.


Wikipedia graphic
Wikipedia chose my illustration

It's not everyday your work is used to showcase on Wikipedia !
OK, I confess, it's completely showing off.... but I had nothing to do with it...honest!


work experience student
Work experience

Advice on entering work experience...
How to get the best work experience and how to provide it too.
Tips on what to ask and how to make it count.


book title image
How I helped Yoko Ono

Finally I can talk about it...
Learn more about my illustrations for Yoko Ono's new book. And watch the Channel 4 documentary.

Logo high resolution
where's the high res..?

Ready for artwork, but hang on... where's the high res logo ?
fing out how Adrian can help you with missing images.

Perspective blog link
it's a matter of perspective

Do you know your 3 point perspective?.
Learn more about 1, 2 & 3 point perspective, and news about other grapically challenging skills related to drawing.

Where I work

Friar Gate Studios celebrates it's 10th birthday.
Learn more about where illustrator Adrian Cartwright works and the people who make it a special place to work .

Finding an illustrator
How to find an illustrator

Finding a suitable illustrator isn't always easy...
Recently I've spoken to some of my clients and found out that the way they go about sourcing illustration is quite differing and some employ unconventional methods to get what they're looking for. Something I intend to review often.

Funny exercise
Exercise - Work for the Designer

Read how Adrian found the answer to exercise while living the designer life.

Like many designers, Adrian sits for much of the day, struggling with keeping in shape. He's found the answer and it works... well for him.
Find out how he does it.

freelance illustrator
Planet is 26, review of the year

Take a look at the year with Adrian celebrating 26 years in business.

It’s been a tough year, but in a good way… lots of illustration commissions and really interesting new friends.

Gift wrapping guide
Man's guide to wrapping

Learn how to wrap a present or Christmas gift

Simple step by step guide to wrapping a gift box.

Celebrating 25 years
Celebration 25 years freelance illustration.

How to prepare to commission an illustrator.

Freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright celebrates 25 years as a freelance illustrator. Reflecting on how the design industry has changed since 1990.

illustrator blog
Need an illustrator - tips to prepare.

How to prepare to commission an illustrator.

Be ready to answer typical questions from freelance illustrators when you call.

Technical illustration image
Technical illustration commission

Five frequently asked questions from new customers.

Looking at a typical Technical illustration commission with tips and handy hints to help illustrators and commissioning professionals like Art Directors and Graphic designers.

illustration advice avatar
5 x FAQ's to illustrators.

Five frequently asked questions from new customers.

Looking at the five most common questions posted to freelance illustrators.

blog graphic link
illustrator not a designer

Do people call you a Graphic designer... why?

Read how Adrian is coping with the title Graphic Designer or not !

illustrator in derby
illustration can save your life.

How effective is illustration with Health and Safety?

Drawing a brief look at the work and considerations needed when compiling Health and Safety illustrations.

illustrator taking a brief
How to take a brief.

A simple guide to being one step ahead when taking a brief...

Adrian draws on 25 years experince as a freelance illustrator to help you be one step ahead when taking a brief.

freelance illustrator Derby
How to explain an idea !

Adrian's shopping analogy helps to illustrate...

illustrator Adrian Cartwright draws on his experience while shopping for that special thing, to illustrate the service planet provides to it's customers.

interior visual
Uses for Architectural illustration

Architectural illustration, who needs it…?

This blog aims to shine some light onto Architectural illustration and hopefully enlighten you to some useful ways you can utilise them.

tube map graphic
Clever illustrations for ideas

Guide on how to share your idea with the help of illustration.

5 clever ways to help promote your idea, project or product with an illustrator

planet illustration celebrating 25 years logo
Planet planning for celebration.

What to do for planet's 25th year anniversary?

"Planning to celebrate 25 years as a freelance illustrator...But what to do?"

Teaser image
A look at folio illustration 01...

Review of a graphic technical illustration for industry.

" An indepth look at one of many illustrations in planet's portfoliio. This one was commissioned a couple of years ago for a Birmingham based agency, who's client needed an info graphic to showcase their wide range of staff placement..."

illustrator Adrian Cartwright
Birthday gift ideas for illustrators.

Want to buy a gift for an artist or illustrator ?

"Adrian draws on his experience of being an established illustrator for 25 years, to come up with excellent gift ideas for illustrators. Considering all different shapes and sizes, covering age, personality and cost..."

illustrator Adrian Cartwright
Our first video blog !

Read about how planet illustration's studio became the scene for it's first video blog.

"The biggest thing I learnt was to relax and not to think too much about it, "just talk"... we didn't take lots of takes saying the same thing, and only repeated myself once at the beginning when I simply didn't..."

illustrator Adrian Cartwright
Creatives are losing the thing they love !

Read about how planet has found a useful exercise to feel the love again for all creatives.

"I think that every now and then, it’s healthy to step back and take stock. we work with computers and equipment that helps us to do our jobs more effectively. but here’s the issue

illustrator Adrian Cartwright
Thames Water Story & Review !

Read how planet illustrations helped Thames Water illustrate a complicated process using cartoon illustrations for a presentation.

Taking on a very complicated process to help explain a new strategy for the largest water company in the UK's elite !

illustrator Adrian Cartwright
Planet has moved office / studio !

Planet illustration has possibly moved the shortest distance ever for an office relocation.

In March planet moved office to a prestigious front facing office at Friar Gate Studios in the Cathedral quarter of Derby city centre. Read about Adrian's first thoughts on the move, and possibly the shortest office move ever!

William Cartwright
Spooky ... it's Halloween !

Lots of treats, and no tricks... promise!

"...find out what William and his little brother Benjamin are up to this Halloween." read more...

Freelance illustrator
illustration work is on the Up!

Slow progress, but it's flowing in..!

"...Another client from another country simply found me on google in fact two have one from New York. So perhaps the SEO has done a little towards it. But there’s no real clear leader on the upturn of commission enquiries....." read more...

Freelance illustrator
Planet is 24

Celebrating 24 years as a freelance illustrator !

"...25th September 1990, was when it all started from a bedroom in a rented house in Leicester.
Since then Adrian now has a studio & office in Derby city centre...." read more...

Freelance illustrator
Apple shine through.

Read why Adrian has bought Apple products since 1993.

"... I spoke to another guy, who was very interested in the issue and arranged a replacement keyboard which arrived the following morning. Result !..." read more...

William Cartwright
Home alone with Daddy.

Exciting week with Mummy away and Daddy looking after us.

"... This week so far has been quite exciting. It's 6 days of Daddy looking after Benjamin and me because Mummy had to fly to see Daddad. He’s poorly and in hospital.
Mummy is helping Nana and missing me and Benjamin lots!

The third day I went to Nursery and after Benjamin fell off the garden bench and everyone was scared, and Benjamin cried lots and blood all..." read more...

Adrian Cartwright Avatar
New Studio in a new Location

"... The Bean Cafe is a great location for visitors to engage with a wide range of creative people. The selection of different skills on offer is very good for customers to find and knowing they’re working with a high professional standard, and to ultimately commission.

it’s still early days here, but I hope to have lots of interesting items to share following my new location and possibilities working with some lovely people." read more...

Adrian Cartwright Avatar
Powerful movie "Look Up", did we really need this to notice what's happening to us?.

"... I normally give online videos a 50/50 possibility of clicking, and thankfully I did with this one…. I hope you watch it and feel the same.

I kinda 2nd guessed what it was about, but didn't expect the emotion and realisation what smart devices are doing to us " read more...

Adrian Cartwright
Summer is on it's way!

"...Read about Adrian's family's high's and low's of what is a special day we all experience every year. "the following day there’s a haze following the mass burning of food in people’s gardens.
It’s normally about 17c. Warm is probably a better description than “phew it’s guna be a hot one”...." read more...

William Cartwright
Find out how William got on helping Daddy purchase a new coffee table for the new office.

"...especially because the car rear seats had to be folded down, which meant that William gets to sit in the front on a booster seat. He also enjoys elevating the seat with the buttons so he’s high up and can look easily over the bonnet...." read more...

blog avatar Adrian Cartwright
Working on the new website 4.2 revision.

"....Building a website is much like other things in life, where you plan and build the foundations first.
This provides a stable grounding for the job in hand. But now I’m adding extras that need some careful consideration…. I guess I’m building a conservatory and adding Cable Telephone and a sat dish, if that’s a good analogy ?...." read more...

jacqui avatar
Long suffereing life partner to a freelance illustrator.

"....Good luck planet and hello to design and redecoration!!! Only if we can afford it after paying £1 for a packet of regular sized crisps on the train... WOW!!...." read more...

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