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Body product illustrations for promotional literature

Example of multiple illustrations to promote new body product.

Careful consideration was needed to find a suitable ballance to promote the product in a subtle style to compliment the products packaging and sensitive nature.

Careful consideration was needed to find a suitable balance to promote the product in a subtle style to compliment the products packaging and sensitive nature.
Using line thickness to give depth to the illustration helps to give a more believable drawing, especially with organic shapes like the human figure.
Also note on the product (Bottle) there’s a heavy line all around the main body, giving weight and attention to it. However, the top of the bottle is complex, and a thinner line is suitable to avoid losing detail and clumsy.

Knowing when to include detail and not is a skill in illustration that can only come with experience, but study the illustration here, and perhaps create a simple organic shape and experiment. A plant like the Swiss Cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa) is a good subject.
The use of tone has also helped to give weight and depth to the illustration, and also the use of cast shadows can ass drama to an illustration, helping impact and strength.

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