logo design graphic illustration for UK brewery art nouveau style pose woman provocative

illustrative logo

illustrated logo
Illustrative logo for brand promotion with a seductive Art Nouveau style. Micro brewery based in the Midlands UK.

Needing a fresh look to their award winning Ale Brewsters micro brewery needed some illustrative help, and being recommended an illustrator from an existing client, Sara & Sean took no time in contacting me.
I quickly arranged a meeting, and I brought competitors samples for comparison to help guide the illustration project. We don’t just draw pretty pictures, we advise and consider multiple options to build the best possible way to achieve what the customer needs.
Following the meeting, visuals were supplied for client feedback and to discuss my ideas. Style was very important, and we had a good understanding of the clients brief.
The illustration was a great success partly down to the energy and commitment from not just the illustrator, but also the customer, that make this commission a pleasure to work on.

The customers are very please and proud of their new logo. Commissioned from Nottingham England.

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