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Ghosted technical illustrations give the viewer to opportunity to view through and into the inner of a product, property, animal and many other subjects. Here is six examples of ghosted technique used in illustration. Our portfolio offers many other styles of illustration that you might find helpful. Also please call Adrian or email if you need some help with your ghosted image needs.

The first example is a composition of ghosted and cutaway techniques in technical illustration. Cleverly showing the void (ghosting effect) where space is saved and reducing cost. Something all customers want to find.
The 2nd illustration is editorial illustration for the cover of a magazine. Themed with a scientific technical style with a focus on hologram wireframe styles.
The graphic image showing a hand holding a smartphone, is to help explain camera technology for mobile devices. This helped engineers in the far east understand new concepts and promote patented technology.
The Dog and Brain-nerve system illustration helps to show location of organs inside the animals body.
Finally the last thumbnail is an example of animation highlighting a car and its components that fade in and out of vision (ghosted) to give focus.
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Freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright has provided this service since 1990, with experience commissioned by local and international customers. Reviews offer reassurance to customers, so please review them and see what past customers think of the service provided by Adrian Cartwright owner of planet illustration. Author: Adrian Cartwright

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