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exploded view of ship
exploded view of a pump
ghosted technical illustration of a car
exploded assembly animation
ghosted stepped exercise illustration
exploded view assembly technical illustration

Exploded view technical illustrations give guidance on assembly and construction. This often looks complicated but if the drawing is studied and focus on a sections of the illustration, it often becomes clear and informative.

The first illustration of a ship was commissioned to help explain the location of the major elements in a floating Gas processing plant (FLNG).
The next illustration is a typical example of an engineering exploded view illustration. Showing parts and labelling to aid assembly and repair.
Next is a good example of exploding layers, moving them apart to reveal more detail, and help to separate each layer for clarity. This is especially helpful with realistic drawings, to give a clear picture of the subject.
The penultimate example is a subtle use of ghosting to help illustrate stages in an exercise.
And finally the last exploded view technical illustration shows a more complex drawing to illustrate the parts and their fitting locations.
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Each of the illustrations above are live commissions, and more examples can be found in the folio page. Adrian Cartwright illustrator and owner of planet illustration is always open to commissions, and provides consultation as part of the service offered to customers. Let Adrian draw from nearly 30 years experience to help you develop the best possible image for your needs. Author: Adrian Cartwright Call today

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