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Blog-041: D2N2 conference - my take on it.

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It’s the morning after attending the D2N2 Digital conference & Expo 19 (Let’s just call it D2N2 Conference now on) at the Belfry Nottingham, and I thought this would be a good item to blog about. Well, my perspective as an established freelance illustrator on the event at least.

Without going too deep into all the presentations because some were more relevant than others for a creative sole trader. Dean Johnson (Keynote speaker) gave a light hearted explanation of the difference between Augmented Reality (aka AR) and Virtual Reality (aka VR).
As a Creative, this looks very impressive and I found myself thinking of ways to utilise the technology. But now I found myself asking “Do I need it…?” As a customer: Clearly this sort of tech is probably more for end user, especially thinking about AR for instruction or education. As for the VR, this is more focused towards experience, and perhaps using it as a tool to visualise a product or venue.
The Architectural and factory management industry, might benefit with visualising concepts or teaching navigation. As a creative: I can only think that VR might help in experience testing, or organising.

I do a lot of 3d modelling, and perhaps it could work with VR, but the practicality of having to buy and wear a headset to build and look at models compared to sitting and looking at a screen seems excessive. But if VR googles / glasses become more portable its an area I’l like to look into… pardon the pun !

AR = Augmented Reality Technology, where graphic images or text is super-imposed onto a scene, to either give the impression of existing in relation to the environment observed. Or to graphically enhance the view with infographics like signs and UI controls…

OMG! that’s so nerdy… In plain english… it puts things that don’t really exist in front of your view of the REAL world. That’s better. Phew!

VR = Virtual Reality Technology, where the viewer experiences artificially made stimuli to emulate the real experience…. again in plain english… Using tech to pretend you’re actually doing something that you’re not really doing. Simulating an experience much like driving a racing car or flying an aeroplane. I’ll blog about the other presentations in order in the following blogs… Effective SEO Paid Digital Advertising & Content Marketing

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Planet illustration blog 041 18/11/2019 - D2N2 conference 2019- AR&VR... by illustrator Adrian Cartwright

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