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Can I really use my iPad for Work..?


Can I use iPad for Work ?


Are you using iPad for professional work… ?

We watch the Apple keynote and we literally buy £££ into the idea, holding FaceTime meetings and spontaneously taking award winning photos to photo-retouch for next months magazine cover. Do we honestly use it for those sort of things?

I’m not alone on this, many people I know have bought an iPad mostly because of the glossy design and it’s ability to do some amazing things with it’s clever Apps and ever growing abilities. And I find myself justifying the price because “ I’ll use it for work… I can do my accounts while in the Cafe…. and er…… hold meetings while away from my desk."

Ask yourself...
Do I really use it that way.. or simply surf the web flicking away.?
Those clever Apps and gizmo’s are still there, just read on to find out how to use the iPad to its full potential.

(Read on to see how I’m getting iPad to work for me)

Now I have your attention, I’d just like to explain how I ended up writing this honest and hopefully helpful post.
Like me, I’m guessing you’re reading this because you have an iPad or similar, and you possibly bought it with the justification that it would allow you to be more flexible and work anywhere.
Here’s a recent conversation I had with Emma, and illustrator from Cornwall, and partly the inspiration for this post. Briefly, Emmas current work is traditional, (Real, and not digital) but she was finding it time consuming and had recently been given a New iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
Keen to find quicker options to her artwork, she asked me for advice.


Advice to use iPad for artwork

When I got my iPad Pro in 2017, I quickly bought the Apple Pencil, Smart keyboard and case. Effectively making it a Laptop or a Artist’s Tablet to illustrate on.. The Perfect portable studio… well kinda. I did make an effort to use it in meeting for note taking mostly and some quick sketch ideas to help illustrate an idea. But only in early 2018 did I move out of my comfort zone and use it more.

Now here’s the trick… you have to make the effort, re-learning new techniques to carry out the tasked you’d normally do on your desktop. That sounds like hard work, and it is a challenge, but quite rewarding… there’s some elements that are better on the iPad than any other option I use, and vice versa too. But now I have two Studios / Offices. And I like it. I use both now, some tasks are easier or better on the iMac, (desktop computer) and others on iPad. And remember that iPad syncs more and more with iMacs and iPhones every day. Unifying your place of work.

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Where to go next..?

There’s more than one alternative in the app store to replace or work alongside your desktop tasks, and many Youtube posts to help teach them… start off learning one task at a time and get use to using it, and then move onto the next, avoiding over-load resulting a return to the desktop.
Before you know it, you'll be using your iPad for work !

Links that will help you:
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Productivity Apps: - Best iPad Productivity Apps (Q1-2019) - Lifestyle Use and Peripherals - Useful tips on using iPad

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.

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