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Where's the high resolution logo?


The designs have finally been approved and now the client is expecting a fast turn-around. Time to finalise the Artwork, but hang on… What’s that ?.. it’s fuzzy!
Yep the logo is low res !

There’s nothing more frustrating for a design team or art director.
Everything is in place, and that logo the client gave you, turns out to be at screen resolution (72dpi).That’s fine if you plan to use it the same size on a webpage, but if you need to print or enlarge it for instance on a banner. You’re going to need a high resolution version. (Typically 300dpi or a vector image)

this is where I can help you... I get this situation quite often from design companies and marketing groups, needing help to produce a high resolution image.
Some logos are easily copied but others have graduations like shading and textures. (See examples below)
I normally use Adobe illustrator to produce a vectorised image to illustrate the logo to an extremely high level of accuracy, this is used as the Master illustration file, allowing for other suitable formats. It also is future proofed, well in a way. The file can be scaled up to the size the customer needs, and then saved at the suitable resolution. Keeping the vector file as the master file for future needs.

Just incase...
I always keep a copy of my work too, so clients can always ask for it again. This is helpful, and customers always know they can contact me in the future if they can’t find the illusive “the high res….” file.

Contact me if you'd like to see some illustration examples. telephone 01332 517544

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.

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Planet illustration studio company blog 034 12/03/2018 - Where's the high res.... by freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright

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