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Celebrating year 26 - Year review.

Planet illustration blog 029 / Review of 2015-2016. by freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright

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Planet illustration is 26

25th September 2016

26 years illustrating for multinational corporations and the little guy next door.

Yay ! Another year !
It’s been a tough year, but in a good way… lots of illustration commissions and really interesting new friends.
I’ve been so busy, that I’ve found it difficult to blog, and do much marketing at all. A very welcome change to be honest.
The last few years have been difficult, partly to do with the shift in how customers find illustrators and becoming a Dad with family commitments. But lets focus on the last 12 months running my business Planet illustration.

We start with the celebration of completing 25 years as an illustrator at our studio/office in Derby.
Commissions picked up following what has been a difficult to predict couple of years. (See earlier blog posts)

Some interesting commissions and great people have worked with me in 2015 and 2016 with quite a trend towards the technical side of illustration, with lots of thought regarding how people understand images and effective ways to communicate. A more technical illustration showing a ghosted view of a generic car, showing internal electronic elements. Another new customer wanted photo retouching with a stylish linear style of illustration. A few old clients also contacted me to help illustrate new versions of past commissions. (Brewsters logo)

A Marketing company in Oxfordshire contacted me in late December, who became one of the best working partnerships ever… with great communication and flexibility on both sides made what was a very complex and involved illustration job run smooth and delivered on time with great praise from the customer. (Customer Review)

Early 2016 presented some very interesting commissions and ideas that just shows that the UK hasn’t lost it’s apatite for invention and ingenuity. Amazing stuff !

Later in 2016, which was nonstop with work slowed down just in time to take a few weeks off during the summer holidays, and worked out perfect.
Now closing the 26th year we have new projects in the pipeline and the studio is as busy as ever.

Here's the Brewsters Logo.
If you need help with your illustration project, please give me a call or email.

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