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Need an illustrator ? How to prepare.

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Tips for customers... How to prepare to commission an illustrator.

13th October 2015

illustrator tips for customers preparing to brief an illustrator.

Contacting an illustrator or any professional with the aim to commission can be a daunting process. This is a common feeling if you’re doing something you’re unfamiliar with, and especially if it the first time. Read on to find out how to go about it. Contact Adrian

Let’s be transparent...
As a freelance illustrator, one important and helpful thing is if the customer is transparent about what you know and what you don’t.
I’m here to help my new customer achieve the best and most effective illustration, and the best way is to understand what needs to be done considering the limits of time, budget, and medium. Call for help 01332517544

Pokerface is simply not worth it...
Quite often a potential customer will feel guarded, shy of letting me know what budget they have for fear of being exploited. This is misguided, and only the worst sort of business person would aim to exploit their customers. Giving a lower budget than you really have, will only limit the options available. Get a quote

Working together...
Sometimes a customers limited knowledge about commissioning will decide what needs to be done without allowing the illustrator to suggest ideas.
This is a lost opportunity and can sometimes mean the job costs more.
The customer is normally the expert on their project, and the illustrator is the expert on how to best illustrate it. Working together we can create a great illustration that works. Read reviews

If you “Need an illustrator”, then read on to see common questions an illustrator might ask, and hopefully help you to commission the right illustrator. Please contact me if you need help right away, and I’ll do my best to help you. Call me.

How to prepare before you contact an illustrator…

"How can I help?"
This is a simple question, and best answered by starting at the beginning. I’m a patient illustrator, and by telling me your story, it will help me to understand you, your business or the motivation for commissioning an illustrator.

"Can I have your contact details?
Sometimes an illustration commission will need some research, and the illustrator will need to come back to you with options and costs. Let’s face it, this is normally the burning question after, “Can you do it?”

What do you want illustrating?
Giving the illustrator an idea of what you’re expecting will help, so find samples if you can and have a clear idea yourself.

Why do you need the illustration….?
This can be a stumbling block for some, and it’s something I sometimes ask, simply to understand the justification of the illustration in the first place. It’s pointless paying for an illustration that doesn’t work, or is aimed at the wrong audience for instance age or gender.

When do you need it?
Being honest and NOT giving a deadline that’s short simply to be quick isn’t a good idea. It can impact on the work done to fit the deadline or push up the cost, as if it requires working over a weekend to meet the deadline.

It’s common for potential customers to reduce the delivery deadline simply because they don’t know if the illustration will be good enough, and might find themselves finding another illustrator to produce a better illustration… this isn’t a good way to work, as you’ll end up having to pay twice for 2 illustrations… Far better to get the right illustrator first go, look for recommendations and feedback from past customers to re-assure you that the illustrator will come up with the goods. illustrator Reviews

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Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.

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