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Read about how planet helped Thames Water illustrate a complicated IT process for a presentation

3rd June 2015

Helping Thames Water with a very complicated cartoon.
Earlier this week Thames Water had a presentation for the top directors, managers and their partners. The reason was to present a new strategy.
And they needed some help from planet illustration…

The commission was an unusual one for planet, perhaps because I’ve always considered carttoons as a specialist area of illustration. But after talking to them and seeing that there was quite a complex message to get across, we took the bait… Gulp!

After a brief chat about "Can you do?" and "Can you help?", we started to discuss the finer elements asking questions and considering alternatives… Talking to customers directly is so much better than sending an email.
We spoke about the project which sounded quite complicated, and after running through the process or “Story” as we referred to it later on, which took a good 15 minutes. I could see that this needed some TLC… so suggested we met to go through it one to one. It was a bit of a stretch but I was confident that I could help them, and knew it was just a matter of crunching through the numbers, and building an illustration that would explain the process… sorry I mean Story.

The meeting at head office was at 8:45am, so an early start on the train from Derby, but it made a nice change… I don’t get to commute that often, so it’s kinda a novelty… something I’m sure isn’t for many commuting daily. Let’s just say it was a long day, but the meeting was very productive and I met some lovely people in Reading. Sketching away with different members of staff who specialise in different areas was informative and rewarding. By 5pm we were done, and I was on my way back to the illustration studio preparing for the following day to digest and visualise some of the finer details.

The following day I was hand drawing all day, something I don’t do often, as with most commissions being digital these days, but you know I loved it… as many creative companies we get drawn in and distracted with the business side of running a creative illustration company, forgetting the real reason we’re illustrators.

The visuals were sent off for feedback and quickly the final illustrations were created later that week, with plenty of time for the rehearsals and test runs for the presentation.

Earlier this week, messages started coming through from the client, thanking and flattering me with feedback. I’m so pleased that the presentation was a success, and so many people commented on the "Story" illustrations success.

Just before I close this blog, here’s a snippet of the review….
“ Adrian demonstrated he was in a league of his own. We were captivated by his innate ability to immediately grasp new, complicated and potentially confusing process “ read the full review here.

I’m sure that this was only possible because the customer invested their time to explain the process, and worked along side planet in the development of it…" The reason this project was such a success was because my client and planet illustration put 100% into it. A team thing that’s the backbone of it’s success, especially with a complicated process like this illustration commission." click links to read more about how to commission an illustrator or tips and tricks to success as a freelance illustrator.

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator

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