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William Cartwright
Halloween pumpkin
Halloween pumpkin
scary halloween

Spooky Friday night... it's Halloween !

31st October 2014

Halloween by William Cartwright
I’m really looking forward to Halloween. I’m going to a party and I’m dressing up as something scary!
But it’s a secret.
Benjamin my little brother is going as Frank stine, but only if his a good boy.

We tried on our costumes last night and I growled lots at Mummy and Daddy. Benjamin is good at growling too, but I’m the loudest!
The party is my neighbours India, it’s her birthday and she’s going to be 9 I think.. There’s going to be lost of boys and girls there, and we’re going to play games, scary games.

I’ve put some pictures up of my pumpkins and I think this years is the scariest one. Mummy and Daddy have a pumpkin too.
I helped Mummy empty them earlier, and it was disguising eeerrrhhhh. Then Daddy cut the shapes and we put a torch inside to make it extra spooky.

I hope everyone has a very scary Halloween, and watch out for the spiders… wooohh !
Author William Cartwright

With a little help from Daddy.

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