Freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright celebrates 24 years freelancing illustration

Celebrating 24 years.

Freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright's company blog 008 / Adrian Cartwright September 25th 2014

Freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright
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Adrian Cartwright

24 years as a freelance illustrator

25th September 2014

Celebrating 24 year as a full time freelance illustrator.
On the 25th September in 1990, was when it all started, working from a bedroom in a rented house in Leicester.
Since then, I've worked on many interesting commissions and I now have a studio and office in Derby city centre.

Illustration styles have come and gone, but what I offer is more than just pretty pictures. I want to make illustrations work, giving a message or direction, that educates in informs people. Perhaps it was studying Technical illustration in the late 80’s that’s influenced my thinking, but I alway look to add extra to my illustration commissions.

I have an interesting meeting today in Loughborough Leicestershire. A customer recommended me to Ian at Responsive Solutions and I’m looking forward to finding out more about the illustration project.
I also hope to call in on an old client I’ve not worked with for 5 years or so, and catch up with them. Something I’m trying to do with many of my customers. (you’ve been warned)

So how do I feel about planet’s 24th anniversary. Well I’m very proud of my success, and I cherish every year, with new friends and interesting commissions.
It’s a diverse and ever changing customer base I have, and I love it that way.
How else would I know about how crude oil is removed from the ground or the inner workings of mobile devices that NDC’s prohibit me from talking about.

I hope that some illustrators read this and contact me, as illustrators are a lonely sort, and I don’t think it has to be that way. Some illustrators are simply shy, and others fearful of competition, but we’re all unique and there’s more than enough work out there. The last couple of years I’ve been trying to connect with more illustrator and I keep in contact with about 6 or so.

Being an illustrator is a tough profession, and support from others in a similar situation is the helpful tonic. I know I could have done with support from other illustrators over the last 24 years.
So I hope to meet more this year. Let’s make it 25 next year.

Author: Adrian Cartwright

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