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Helping Daddy while Mummy's away.

Freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright's company blog 006 / William Cartwright July 22ndl 2014

William Cartwright
pic of poo from nappy
pic of William and Benjamin sat on garden bench eating icecream
pic of uncle johny changing Benjamin's nappy

Home alone with Daddy.

Exciting week with Mummy away and Daddy looking after us.

This week so far has been quite exciting. I’m in day 6 of Daddy looking after Benjamin and me because Mummy had to fly to see Daddad. He’s poorly and in hospital.
Mummy is helping Nana and missing me and Benjamin lots!
The first day when Mummy had gone was very thundery and we couldn’t play outside because of the rain and thunder chopping us to dead. So Uncle Johny came and we tried to go swimming, but the pool was full, so we tried another swimming pool, but Daddy said that we couldn’t go in for just a little bit, and it was closing. I was very cross, and had a meltdown. But then Daddy said let’s go to the big park with a splashing pool, Hurray!
It was very sunny when we got there and uncle Johny paid a man some pennies and I rode a super wiz fast motorbike on a race track. I had two goes then Daddy got Ice creams for everyone.
Benjamin dropped his on the floor, but he didn’t cry!
After we took our clothes off and splashed in the splashy pool.
Daddy got very wet, and Benjamin splashed everybody. Then he fell under the water and Daddy rescued him. Benjamin didn’t cry but was wet allover.
Then Daddy said that there’s a storm coming, and to get dry and dressed quickly. We got into the car just in time, but when we got home it was chucking it down and we stayed in the car for ages. Then Daddy said lets go and we all went super fast into the house. Uncle Johny left the car door open and he got even wetter.

The second day we went to the swimming baths and uncle Johny got me ready and Daddy got Benjamin dressed. It was fun and I said that Uncle Johny’s swimming pants are girls. They were pink!

The third day I went to Nursery and after Benjamin fell off the garden bench and everyone was scared, and Benjamin cried lots and blood all on his face.
He went to bed and I stayed up to 9 O’clock.
I miss my Mummy, and want to see her now, but daddy says she’s home soon.

I spoke to Mummy on Skype and Daddy says I was silly. Mummy was happy Benjamin is not broken and Daddy said sorry lots!

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