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Architectural plans are essential for developing an understanding the location and integration with other items in the surrounding area. Much like a map to help navigate and give a bigger picture viewpoint for the user

Click on the thumbnails to see a more detailed example of that illustration.

Maps are possibly the very first illustration created to help guide the user, and inform of points of interest. Like a manual for some and a promotional or marketing image that’s trusted. People have always looked at maps and plans as a dependable and trustworthy form of information.

Included in this page are six examples of maps and plans that I hope you’ll find interesting and please explore the thumbnails to find more designs and take a closer look at the illustrations.

Architectural floor plan: This example shows a typical floor plan with a twist, it’s drawn in perspective, and has a 3d element, to give it a more user-friendly look. Including furniture and shadows to give a richer more interesting view on what could easily be a boring flat floor plan.

World map - Globe: This illustration was designed with multi-national corporation products in consideration. It’s a generic designed world highlighting the different areas of construction and service around the world. With a technical wireframe style to promote their technology and innovation in the design of their projects.

Accommodation site plan: Designed to be fun and engaging to the user, this example is part of many more plans designed and drawn to illustrate way finding in a user friendly 3d style.

Corporate planning: This roadmap in essence helps to educate a complex service offered to international customers and shareholders. A multi million Pounds project that helps provide better service and lower costs.

Animation of a corporate world: The animation was created to help with a promotional interactive presentation to American investors and engineers in 2019.

Simple Site plan animation: This example shows possibility for a simple line style animation to promote a housing development, and provide a simple idea of a future construction of new homes with 3d animation.
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Six examples of map and plan illustration by technical illustrator Adrian Cartwright.
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