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Cutaway illustrations provide excellent information to the viewer. Examples can show location and detail to complex items, in a user friendly way.

Click on the thumbnails to see a more detailed example of that illustration.

The cutaway examples shown here are construction focused, and most are building related, but architectural cutaways also include civil engineering as well as other areas like property sales and marketing.
Like the first cutaway illustration here, the floor plan is a horizontal cutaway to give easy and understanding to the proportions of a domestic home. Using 3d effect to the floor plan brings the floor plans to life, and helps the viewer to understand the illustration, and not turning them off by a technical looking drawing.

The next illustration is a building cutaway, by simply removing the front of the building, and allowing interior inspection. This allows the viewer to understand the location of construction tools and interior features inside the building. Using a semi-realistic impression gives clear recognition and includes details required by the customer.

The Roof construction drawing: Often customers need a cutaway illustration or artist impression to educate potential customers with new technology and construction techniques to help sell their services and products.

Civil engineering often require artist impressions to promote new technology and techniques. And here, we have an example of a Geo-textile company promoting it’s new product idea. A Geo-textile that saves space and is very cost effective. A combination of ghosting a large portion of the top-soil as well as a comparison for reference really shows the effective saving in the cutaway illustration design.

Building cutaway example in a traditional line style shown here with cutaways through the roof, gives a technical manual style to the illustration. In fact that was the brief from the client. The style influence was the household name “Haynes workshop manuals” typical on the front cover of the famous books.

And finally the last cutaway example is another civil engineering drawing that highlights products and their location using an artist impression. Multiple cutaways are included in this detailed artist impression that was designed in such a way to help explain the relationship between each product.
Click on the thumbnails to see more.
Click on the thumbnails for more

Six examples of cutaway illustration by technical illustrator Adrian Cartwright.
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