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I listen to my customers and help them to achieve the best result for their budget.
Understanding a customers need for quality illustrations with a reliable one to one service is always appreciated, and finding an approachable and enthusiastic person is important when hiring an illustrator.

My aim since 1990 is to provide the most professional freelance illustrator service possible.
I never miss a deadline, just ask any of my customers over the last 23 years.
I'm always just a phone call away. So if you need a freelance illustrator then give me a call, for a free open chat about how I can help you.

Or alternatively send me an email, and I'll reply as soon as possible. email me
Adrian Cartwright owner of planet. Author: Adrian Cartwright

freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright
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Garden path.
Ever looked down beneath your feet? The image below illustrates the complexity of life right in front of us, and highlights our day to day ignorance.

illustrating life beneath our feet

Garden path
Ever looked down beneath your feet?
I did last October just as the warm months were ebbing away and was so surprised at the richness of what was going on in just the gap between the stone slabs, that I was compelled to take this photograph.

Just looking closer you can see so many different plants and there were small insects scurrying along it too. Something I read in a Bill Bryson book “The History of nearly everything” touched the subject of the discovery of different species, and how the diversity is so massive that most common gardens can hold species that have never been recorded.

Anyway, here’s a picture taken from my garden just pointing out the beauty right in front of us.

Author: Adrian Cartwright

Freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright website review by via Silktide. carried out a website report for planet illustration on 5th February 2014 and reported back a glowing report.

A typically good website will normally get a report score of 6 or 7, however scored an overall 8.5, and looking at the stats, the marketing was the area pulling the average down at 6.2. Marketing is something that is still being process, especially considering the website has only been active for three months.
The users experience browsing planet illustration’s website is very good with great navigation and accessibility for all devices from desktop to smartphone.

The illustration service is focused on London and international clients, but some commissions are from local design companies in Derby, Nottingham and Leicester. Birmingham illustrator commissions are also considered.

Illustration rates are based on a daily charge of £300 per day, but normally a quote is given for the whole commission, so the customer knows from the start how much the illustration will cost. This is by far the fairest way to charge illustration costs, and is the way planet illustration works.

For a freelance illustrator quote, on technical and graphical illustration like info graphics, then take a look at the high quality and multi style illustrations available backed up with five star customer reviews on the illustration service and freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright.

Bookmark this site for future reference on planet and it’s website progress.
Author: Adrian Cartwright

website report silktide

February 2014

This month has been very active, so forgive me if it’s a bit long, but there’s lots to say.
February is the last month of my financial year, so clearing up accounts and reflection is in order.
Focusing on planet illustration’s year 2013 and the start of plans for the year ahead. I normally look at my advertising and my annual review of studio’s location. I also started the month still feeling ill, with hospital appointments for X-ray’s and scans booked in.

I also had a few calls from existing customers checking in and making sure I’m available for up coming illustration projects. This is always a good idea, and it helps to plan ahead in my diary, but dates are never set in stone, and it’s more of a “I’ll be needing your services in the next fews weeks”.

I also went on an “email marketing” course, which was very informative. My slant on it in reflection is, that it’s an effective way, but very negative if you don’t do it properly. I suggest great caution if you’re thinking of doing it, otherwise you might end up putting prospective customers off.

I did something I don’t normally do, Prospective work. I was approached to provide conceptual visuals and ideas for illustrations on a website. I did point out to the customer that all visuals and ideas were covered with intellectual copyright. This covers your ideas and any images provided, so to avoid your ideas being used by someone else without your permission.
See my page “How to be a freelance illustrator” where I explain in more detail about copyright.

I spent more time on social media sites to promote planet illustration, this is a big task and takes up many hours a week, but I feel it’s worth it in the end… well that’s what the experts say. I hope so anyway, as it’s time consuming and I find it a chore at times.

A couple of commissions for icon illustrations and info graphic illustrations have kept me going, and a great technical illustration commission is a fascinating project I’m working on too.

If there’s one word for this month, I would say it’s Education.

The Doctors have patched me up and I’ve been able to continue working. thankfully.

January 2014

illustration commissions in 2014 started in a slow way. For a start it was a Wednesday, never a wow factor. January has always been a slow month with regards to commissions, and unless you have an illustration commission that’s worked over the festive holidays, then it can be difficult to motivate yourself. Stop right there… I say to myself. It never use to be that way… I use to spend the holidays especially the days between Christmas and New year thinking about what I would improve on in the up coming year.But alas having two boys take their toll, and not a moment has gone towards plans for the fresh new year 2014.

So I start the year with no distinction between the previous work day. That in mind I found myself drifting about social media sites and some marketing. London based illustration commissions have also been slow. Recently Google have promoted Google local, and I find that I can only promote on it with a 25mile radius, pretty useless when your customer base is a national one, especially London focused freelance illustrator requests.
My website has moved progressively up the google rankings following the devastating algorithm introduced last year.
A couple of illustration enquiries and commissions came in this month, one technical illustration and the other a medical illustration.

December 2013

Well, the month started following “The Cloud, Data & Smart Mobility EXPO 2013” at Millennium Point in Birmingham. It was a great opportunity for me to meet other business folk, something I’ve not done really before. The whole networking thing is very new to me, and I must admit I enjoyed it.

Illustration commissions are thin on the ground this month, but then December is always a very short month. The quick turnaround for a tight deadline is the norm and little else. It’s a good time to catch up on those things we never have time for… and I must admit I took advantage of it to re-design the aesthetics of the new website. Since then I’ve had a much warmer response to it this time, and it gave me the opportunity to re-build the website from scratch. I’ve learnt more on Dreamweaver and SEO too. Well Christmas was a nice break, but I found myself busy with family, and little if none to think about illustration in 2014. Still the first week or two in January is usually quite, so I’ll take advantage of the time again. Author: Adrian Cartwright

November 2013

November was very quiet, especially the first half, which kick started something I haven't done in years… cold calling. I'd forgotten how hard it was, and realised due to the economic culture carefully developed over the last few years. That nobody's interested in spending, but only interested in freebies and what they can sell to you. It's a tough market out there.
Critical feedback came back on the new website, which was appreciated as it highlighted elements that was given a back seat. Namely the aesthetic design element, giving google guidelines, functionality and finally aesthetics priority. A fast turnaround commission was also in the mix this month, producing 10 scenes for a London presentation for an international client. I've also had more people contact me about going freelance, and advice on how to go about doing it.

If you're thinking of freelancing, please take a look at my "How to be a freelance illustrator" page here. by Adrian Cartwright Author: Adrian Cartwright

October 2013

October saw the soft launch of the new website. The site has taken longer than anticipated, but finally was uploaded the 2nd week. Feedback was invited, with positive replies. Work then moved to promotion and marketing of site, but before that SEO consideration and linking to social networks has taken a long time to sort out. Commissions this month included Artists impressions for presentation purposes, and technical illustrations for a blue chip company and general commission enquiries for project to start in the new year. It's been fairly quite this month, which has helped with marketing. by Adrian Cartwright

September 2013

It's been a long month… work carried over from August for Bentley had extended other project completion dates, approved by clients and were greatly appreciated THANK YOU! Following completion of all ongoing projects it was time to continue with the new planet website. It's taken a lot longer than expected, which is typical of website development and building. Especially time consuming was the "How to be a freelance illustrator" page and the 66 individual illustration pages. After a few, it can get very formulaic and stale. So I did four or five at a time, then moved onto other admin tasks. This continued right up to the end of the month with the website test launch on the 3rd October. I was also approached by Gavin Haywood an illustrator & animator towards the end of September, who lives nearby and wanted to meet me and asked me to look at his portfolio. Gavin's portfolio was a 50/50 split between still life using multiple hand illustrated materials and 3D renderings using 3DS Max. It was a rewarding meeting and I hope to keep in touch with Gavin. by Adrian Cartwright

August 2013

I spent the first half of August in Hungary with family, so it's a relaxing month, well getting two little boys there isn't the easiest and relaxing experience I remember back in the day. Not like BC (before children) when going to the airport was a lighthearted event, having a few drinks in the bar and a bit of shopping, before getting on the plane and having a book or magazine to read. oh no! It's more like crowd control for 10 hours on four different forms of transport. Great holiday though, and loved every bit of it.
The latter part of August was a mixed up sort of month. I had no ongoing projects on my return, which felt nice in a way, but a slightly emptiness feel to it. The following day I had a premisses security audit carried out by Cannon for compliance to be on their list of suppliers. I find this is getting more common in the last year or two from companies especially American based companies. Or perhaps it's just I'm doing more international work now.
By the end of the month I'm busy on two projects that involve simple line style scenes for a major car manufacturer and technical illustrations for sea going vessels for a global energy company.
The man illustration website is still in production, and should be completed and ready to replace the current and much dated illustrations web-site very soon. by Adrian Cartwright

July 2013

Work on the websites in July is still ongoing, and a major part the company/business audit carried out earlier this year. Marketing is another area that needs attention as soon as possible. A new illustration website was launch this month "exercise illustrations" is focussing on the exercise work I do and is part of a new look to all of Planet's websites in 2013.
I'm also getting to grips with Adobe's new CC suit update from CS6. Dreamweaver looks quite different from the old one, so I'm working on the older version to prevent having to learn a new UI right in the middle of building my main illustration website. However I've other sites that I'll practice the CC version of Dreamweaver in the future. by Adrian Cartwright

June 2013

Most of June involved me developing my new websites.
Learning Dreamweaver and website development is taking for ages and has moved on so much in the last 4 years since I last really evaluated it. Creating an illustration website that caters for different platforms such as tablets and smartphones is proving to be a creative hurdle which involves a lot of compromise. Compromise is something that's a new trend with regard to website design, but in a way it's more focused on user interface consideration too, which is a good thing in a practical way. by Adrian Cartwright

May 2013

It's mid month, and lots to write about! The new iMac27 (see photo) is as expected... very fast and impressive all round really. The Fusion drive is brilliant... with apps and documents opening in a second! I've also been on a couple of workshops focusing on Website and social media development. Quite a mouth full, but giving a great perspective on the way forward with online marketing.
The company audit is done phew…! But now implementing it is a much bigger mission. I have lists on lists of objectives, deadlines and training to do… to be honest, I'd be surprised if it's done this year. But plan to make a good dent in it this month with software training and Social media planning. All this without it interrupting illustration commissions. A nice job I've just done but underpriced it at the quote stage, was an artist's impression of a building for Toyota. I put a lot more time into it as I was having so much fun illustrating it. The client was very impressed "it's stunning" ! Thanks Nick, it's nice to get feedback from a client, especially when they're so pleased with it.
I've also been experimenting with different seating, as many will know that sitting drawing all day, can over time effect posture. I'm fine at the moment, but many friends who work in similar roles are starting to have issues with backs, shoulders and eye sight. So I've been using a Varier Wing stool (see photo) and an exercise balance ball, all in the hope that my posture is straighter and core stronger. I'll get back to you on that but notes so far are the Varier is very expensive but built to last. I do find my shins start to ache after a while, and I naturally slide down it a little, putting pressure on the legs (shins). The ball is cheap and less damage to flooring unlike wheels, but your bottom gets cold! Who would have thought how warm a padded seat is for you bum.
Other projects have been and gone in the last month or two including scenes for a door company brochure, 9 technical exploded views of flooring and software icons. by Adrian Cartwright

May continued...

Other projects include a 3d map of a school and info graphics for smart phones. I'm also still working on my web-site, which is taking for ever to do. I've also just bought an Apple numeric keyboard (long keyboard) and I've tried to get use to the Wifi, but prefer the bigger one I had with my old iMac 24". If only Apple would make a wifi numeric keyboard.... they would sell like hot cakes! I'm still waiting for the new Apple 27" display too! I'll write more in June.

April 2013

I've been busy this month, and I'll write some more catching up with March's instalment and April's in May... Here's a nice message similar to others I get from time to time reading this page "How to be a freelance illustrator". by Adrian Cartwright

Hello, I'm a self taught artist and I'm busy looking into becoming a freelance artist, this is just an email to say a big thank you for all your very useful information I found on your web page while I have spent some amount of time trying to get information,

It was so refreshing to find someone that not only has took so much time to write all the helpful tips tricks and stages of what to do to become a freelance illustrator, but put it in such a clear way that the average novice can understand...

Everywhere you look now, no one gives even information away free, I just thought I would make the time to thank you.. I shall be tweeting you and face booking you I'm sure there are so many people out there trying to get advice..

Kind regards Olwen Foggon

March 2013

March 1st is the start of a new financial year for planet, and with work commitments taking priority there's been little time to reflect on the year. The first half of the month has been focused on getting through the illustration projects. Three of the projects have been multiple illustrations, one for a brochure including 19 illustration scenes, another is a set of technical illustration for floor application and the other is 23 icons for a software company. And although simple as they are, when you start to multiply them… the time builds up. So time management is crucial, and being honest with your clients and yourself. Looking forward to the new iMac due to arrive later this month. It was ordered in mid February, and I understand that supplies of the new iMac especially when bespoke builds are weeks in the waiting. I think if I wanted one off the shelf, it's just a few days, but I've pretty much maxed the iMac27 out, apart from the hard drive. I'm also enjoying my new Wacom Intuos 5 touch tablet, which has the feature of using your finger instead of the grip pen… and looking at the nib, it's a good thing. The tip looks like I've been using it for a year not a few weeks! So apart from the ware, it's a huge leap from my old Wacom Intuos3 I had, selling that on eBay. More to come later this month... by Adrian Cartwright

February 2013

At the start of the month it was decided to commit to a complete overview and audit of the company.
Many things have been discussed and prioritised. Doing this on a company that's evolved organically since 1990 involves a lot of thinking, planning and work into all areas of the company. Needless to say, it's taking a while. And to this date 18th February, is still in the works. I will update this month at the end... Well it's almost Mid March now, and progress on the company audit has been put on hold due to 4 projects, three of which are quite large and dealing with them. Needless to say, a global list of areas that need investigation has been drawn up and a list of items to investigate has been lengthy and I'm working through them, all slowly due to project priorities. I guess illustration commissions are going to be interrupting progress with the company audit for time to come. PS I hope to be able to write something a little more interesting next month. by Adrian Cartwright

January 2013

Another year, another Tax Return. I'm off next week for my AGM, well me and the other half will spend a few hours discussing the "Where Planet illustration is going in 2013." Usually a verbal list of things I would like to do or improve on this year... the list gets longer each year, and so does the long stares of contemplation "What iMac or software to buy"... but seriously it's a good opportunity to get away and think about goals and the bigger picture (pardon the pun)… On return from the AGM, more than the usual quota of questions were raised that asked further questions… So started the sparks of something bigger than ever considered before. by Adrian Cartwright

December 2012

Following on from the zero2illo conference in November 2012 and the Derby Artists & illustrators Christmas MeetUp. Many items were covered for people wanting to become a freelance illustrator as well as currently active illustrators and commercial artists. by Adrian Cartwright

Firstly I would like to say that I found the zero2illo conference a great success, allowing me a freelance illustrator of over 23 years the opportunity to meet other freelance illustrators. One of the biggest things I learnt and was a relief to know was that nearly all the other illustrators experienced similar problems or challenges, and dealt with them in a similar way. The relief that I could turn to other illustrators knowing they would perfectly understand is reassuring. I expected to meet some real strange character too, but mostly all just normal people, who just happen to have a creative talent. Some were more business like than others, and that was where there were real gains to be made. Since the convention I've joined the AOI, but must admit, I've been too busy to log on and explore their site. I've also made some great contacts with other illustrators. I have found that some don't want to connect, and that's fine, but I feel they're losing out as this new communication with other freelance illustrators can only be a positive one. Perhaps the ones that don't are afraid of losing work, or looking bad in some way. If you're confident in your work, you have nothing to fear. by Adrian Cartwright

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